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​​Are Biodegradable Plastic Straws Better than Paper Straws

Jan 19 , 2021
Why Are Plastic Straws Being Banned?

Plastic straws are being banned across multiple cities because they do not break down in a landfill and are a threat to the environment, wildlife, and human health.

Although recyclable, plastic straws are not typically accepted by curbside recycling programs. Even when accepted, most plastic straws will not make it to recycling centers because people discard them like trash.

As a result, plastic straws end up as landfill waste or pollution, even then, they do not fully decompose.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of plastic products on the environment and human health, and are demanding more sustainable options. Paper straws are becoming more and more popular. If your business is considering switching from plastic straws to more environmentally friendly options, then paper straws may be the first solution for you. But with the advent of biodegradable plastic straws, consumers are beginning to make choices.

Although paper straws can be composted and decomposed into organic materials leaving a smaller footprint on the earth, some manufacturers add glue-like adhesive to the pulp to make the paper straws harder, making the paper straws not completely environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of Paper Straws

  • Paper Straws Cost
Paper straws currently cost more than plastic straws. Paper straws will not offer the same price, performance, or user experience as plastic straws.

  • Performance / Durability
The durability of a paper straw will depend on the manufacturer, but it is less than plastic straws. The functionality of paper straws will be reduced the longer they are left to sit in a liquid.

  • User Experience
The longer a paper straw is left to sit in a liquid, the more it will start to break down. Although still useable when soft, consumers often negatively react to a soggy straw.

How are biodegradable straws better than paper straws?

Biodegradable Plastic Straws

Why We Are Different

You can use biodegradable plastic straws as you normally would with any traditional plastic straw, but without worrying about the disposal method as it is truly biodegradable. You can throw it away after you are done, knowing the straw will disappear in about 90 days! 

SEALONG straws do not fall apart in your drink nor do they alter the taste during consumption. When you drink your iced coffee and cocktails, you can use SEALONG straws as you normally would with any traditional plastic straws.

Are SEALONG straws recyclable and/or compostable?

100% biodegradable and compostable. SEALONG straws are non-toxic earth-friendly alternatives to plastic straws and will decompose in about 90 days.

What makes SEALONG straws different from all the other 'green' straws I've seen? What kind of material are SEALONG straws made of?

While most of the so-called "green" straws are made of PLA (Polylactic acid, or "corn-plastic") PLA straws only degradable in a strictly controlled composting environment.  The highest temperature resistance is only 55℃, and hot drinks tend to become soft.

SEALONG straws are made of PBS (Polybutylene succinate), as PBS decomposes naturally into water and CO2, PBS is a biodegradable aliphatic polyester with properties that are comparable to polypropylene and temperature resistance is as high as 100℃. They don’t get soggy when you drink the beverage.

Who Should Use Biodegradable Straws?

  1. If your business is affected by the rising number of plastic straw bans.
  2. If your business is looking to meet consumer demands for more sustainable options.
  3. If your business is looking to align with sustainability trends.

Final Thoughts

Personally, in terms of user experience, I would prefer to choose PBS 
biodegradable straws. Whether you are switching because of shifts in consumer demand, local regulations, or aligning with sustainability trends, SEALONG can help you choose the best straw for your business.

Who We Are

Anhui Sealong Biobased Industrial Technology Co., Ltd was founded in November 2014 Mohekou Industrial Park, Anhui, China. Our company is guided by the core values of creating green value, constructing upstream and downstream industry alliances, win-win cooperation, and repaying society. Our goal is to solve the plastic pollution problem by providing a truly biodegradable and compostable alternative so people can say no to plastic.

SEALONG has a large selection of green packaging products to satisfy your facility's needs and budget. If you are interested, you can click here to enter the product center to view.

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