Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Products

Biodegradable vs Compostable Plastic Bags

Nov 07 , 2020
Now, the health of the environment is more important than ever, and plastic substitutes are appearing everywhere. In short, we will better use it as little as possible. Many people have turned to biodegradable and compostable garbage bags, including some city and state regulations on organic waste. However, along with all this hype, there will naturally be a lot of misleading information and marketing.

Don't Mix up Biodegradable With Compostable

Search on Google, and you'll find tons of companies offering biodegradable or compostable plastic bags. Some of them are specifically made for composting, some are for leaves, and some are kitchen trash bags. Well, biodegradable trash bags aren't as simple as what you think. Here is what we are going to say today.

Sealong Biobased OEM&ODM

Compostable vs. Biodegradable Trash Bags: Which Ones to Buy?

What Does Biodegradable Bags Actually Mean?

Wikipedia defines Biodegradable bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed into innocuous products by bacteria or other living organisms (such as microorganisms).

What is Compostable Bags?

Compostable products are all biodegradable, but they are specifically intended for a composting environment. Unlike standard plastic bags and even some biodegradable plastic bags, compostable bags are made of vegetable matter, such as corn or potato starch. Under normal circumstances, the product should breakdown in around 90–180 days resulting in an environment-friendly bioproduct that nourishes the soil.

Many companies use biodegradable packaging for products or produce organic biodegradable products, but the items may not be as biodegradable as customers think. To make matters more confusing, many items are labeled as "compostable."Compostable bags need to be carried out in a specific composting environment, so is it worth it?

Now there are fully biodegradable plastic bags on the market, like degradable bags, fully biodegradable are often still plastic bags that have microorganisms added to break down the plastic.

Finding the perfect fully biodegradable trash bags has proved to be the hardest. Even if you find great bags, how do you know that the manufacturing process wasn't doubly as harmful to the planet? How do you do all the research to find the best ones?

In my opinion, if we don't support green companies, the industry will never grow. We have to start somewhere, and that somewhere for me is trash bags.

Sealong Biobased has worked hard to create a trash bag that's healthy for the planet.

What Are Sealongbio Trash Bags Made of?

Our Biodegradable garbage bags are 100% compostable, are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic bags, and it is from corn starch and break down within 90 days in an industrial compost environment. Our bag shelf life is 9 months to a year that depends on the temperature and humidity.

All of our 100% compostable bags on roll are certified compostable and biodegradable by American(ASTM D 6400) and European (EN13432) standards.

We choose the best watering pigment Watering ink to color and printing on our bags, and they have the certificate on 100% compost as well. Therefore our products can compost totally and no harm to the environment in the degradation process!

100% Compostable shopping bags

  • Water leakproof
  • Good load-bearing
  • Fully degradable material
  • Safe and harmless

Compostable vs. Biodegradable Trash Bags: Which Ones to Buy?

To be honest, we recommend using Sealong Bio-based 100% biodegradable garbage bags, which can be thrown together with wet garbage such as kitchen waste. There is no need to break the bag separately. The bag will automatically rot within 2–3 days. If under composting conditions, It starts to decompose in 3–6 months and becomes carbon dioxide and water after 8 months. It is truly fully degraded and 0 pollution.

So, what can an eco-minded person like you do?


  1. Bring your own shopping bags to cut down the usage of plastic bags.
  2. Buy biodegradable bags instead of normal plastic bags because biodegradable bags are truly degradable.
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