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​​Are Biodegradable Straws Really Biodegradable?

Dec 15 , 2020
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, with statistics showing there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish, by volume, by 2050. Restaurants, venues, and establishments worldwide are working to combat plastic pollution by eliminating plastic straws.

Are Biodegradable Straws Really Biodegradable?

What Are Biodegradable Straws Made of?

Biodegradable straws are positioned as straws made from plants that can break down in the environment. They are made from naturally occurring, plant material such as renewable resources like cornstarch or sugar cane.

The environmentally friendly straws commonly available on the market are made of paper, although environmentally-friendly paper straws have temporarily replaced traditional plastic straws, they are undoubtedly very bad, and they can easily affect the taste of drinks.

Our company's newly developed environmentally friendly plastic straws are made of fully degradable material (PBS), 100% biodegradable, 0 pollution. The performance is close to traditional plastic, and the feeling of use is the same as ordinary plastic straws. Compared with the PLA degradable straws on the market, it is more resistant to high temperature and not easy to soften.

Are Biodegradable Straws Really Biodegradable?

Many organic companies use biodegradable packaging for products or produce organic biodegradable products, but the items may not be as biodegradable as customers think.

Anhui Sealong Biobased commits itself to the research, production, and sale of bio-based polymer material and technology export. We are committed to the production, manufacturing, and sales of fully degradable plastic bags, straws, shower caps, and aprons, Gloves and other disposable plastic products.

We use fully degradable materials to make straws so that the end product can withstand a temperature of 0°C to 100°C, which is closer to traditional plastic straws and has the same physical properties of traditional plastic straws and higher stability.

Our 100% biodegradable straws are different from ordinary straws! Low carbon, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. This kind of straws is made of PBS. It can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in 180 days under composting conditions after being discarded. It does not pollute the environment and effectively avoids the white pollution problem caused by plastic products.

Recently, notable hospitality, restaurant, and airline brands have eliminated single-use plastic straws, while cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and more have banned plastic straws entirely. Whether it be part of legislation or conservation efforts, many brands are switching from normal plastic to a sustainable alternative.

Consumers, restaurants and businesses believe they are making an environmentally sound choice by using or offering biodegradable straws over single-use plastic straws.

Whether an item is compostable or simply biodegradable, it needs to be placed in an environment that facilitates its breakdown. Use 100% biodegradable straws to replace ordinary straws and make a contribution to human greening.
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