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​​Vietnam Approved to Strengthen Plastic Waste Management Program - Plastic Ban Issued

Jul 26 , 2021

Stop the flow of Vietnam's plastics into oceans

Vietnam aims to use 100 percent of environmentally-friendly plastic bags and packaging at shopping malls and supermarkets by 2025, according to a project on strengthening management of plastic waste in Vietnam approved by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh on July 22.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh issued Decision No. 1316/QĐ-TTg on July 22, 2021, approving Vietnam's program to strengthen the management of plastic waste.

The program sets a target of replacing non-degradable plastic bags with 100% eco-friendly bags in shopping centers and supermarkets by 2025; ensuring the collection, recycling, and disposal of 85% of plastic waste; reducing 50% of plastic waste in the sea; striving to eliminate the use of non-degradable plastic bags and single-use plastic products in 100% of tourist areas, tourist accommodations and hotels; and gradually reducing the production and use of non-degradable plastic bags and single-use plastic products in daily life.

One of the tasks and measures to implement the program is to carry out training, media, and international cooperation activities on plastic waste management, among which, increase training and publicity to raise social awareness of the harmful effects of plastic products, plastic bags, and single-use plastic products on the environment, ecosystems and human health; raise human awareness of environmental protection, change the habits of using single-use plastic products and non-degradable plastic bags, and switch to environmentally friendly products, etc.

The next phase of the task is to increase the first dissemination efforts to encourage companies to switch from producing and distributing single-use plastic products and non-degradable plastic bags to producing environmentally friendly products.

Build a network of communicators to guide the work of local waste, especially plastic waste, in terms of separation, collection, recycling, treatment, and management.

Apply advanced technologies in the recycling, reuse, and treatment of plastic waste; research, test and evaluate biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic bags that replace plastic products, and issue quality certification, etc.

Application of information technology in the supervision and management activities of plastic waste related to production, collection, transportation, recycling, and treatment. Strengthen inspection and handling of organizations and individuals who violate environmental protection laws in areas such as production and distribution of plastic products and collection, transportation, and disposal of waste including plastic waste.

Vietnam is said to be the world's fourth-largest marine plastic polluter after China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Each year, the country reportedly dumps an estimate of 300,000 – 700,000 tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean per year, accounting for 6 percent of the world's marine plastics.


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