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Mar 25 , 2021
manufacturing factory of biodegradable and compostable bags

Why should I choose SEALONG?

It is easy to find that our prices are lower than most other websites. Why our prices are usually lower than other websites? Because we are from the production of raw materials to the output of finished products. But please note that low prices do not mean poor product quality. Our successful operations in the past 7 years can prove everything.

What are they made of?

Our compostable shipping mailers are made from a combination of cornstarch, PLA (vegetable-based plastic material), and PBAT (composting co-polymer).

Are they more durable than plastic?

We've found our bags perform as well, if not better than conventional plastic mailers. They are just as waterproof, flexible, and stretchy as to prevent breakage and make packing easy. Plus they feel really nice too.

What's the shelf life of your mailers?

Our mailers can be stored for up to 10 months in the right conditions. They like to store in a dark, cool, and dry place.

Can you make custom mailers with my branding?

For order quantities over 5k units, we offer a fully tailored service that will put your brand on our eco mailers. Unfortunately, we can not provide custom mailers for smaller quantities. You can click here to contact us.

Do you offer sample packs?

Sure do! We can provide samples for free but do not pay for the cost of freight.

Do you only do shipping mailers?

Nope, we've got more biodegradable and compostable products. Plus we're constantly adding to our range of eco-friendly products to make packing for your eco brand easier.

Are your compostable mailers certified?

Absolutely. The design and manufacture of our biodegradable mailing bags are strictly in accordance with the standards of Australia and Europe related to degradation and toxicity ASTM D6400 and EN13432.

Biodegradable and compostable certified

What happens if they end up in a landfill?

The good news is that even in landfills, Sealong mailers are a better solution than conventional plastic mailers, in that they will take one year to break down instead of 400 years and won't leave behind any toxic residues or microplastics (as they contain 0% plastic).
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