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​​Prices of Biodegradable Plastic Resins For Different Purposes

Apr 25 , 2021
In recent years, the development of biodegradable bioplastics has attracted a lot of attention. Whether these new plastics can gain an important market share depends in part on society's efforts to protect the environment, that is, reducing waste and preserving irreplaceable fossil fuels. Before bio-based and biodegradable polymers can gain significant market share, many obstacles must be overcome, such as higher prices and limited production capacity.

The amount of bio-based ingredients and the conditions under which these polymers biodegrade can all vary greatly. Depending on the composition, crystallinity, and environment, the degradation time can range from several days to several years.

Biodegradable Plastic

Starch-Based | Thermoplastic Starch(BP1002)
Price: $3400/1000kg

Starch is one of the most abundant biopolymers. It is completely biodegradable, inexpensive, renewable, and can be easily chemically modified. Like cellulose, starch can be considered a condensation polymer because its hydrolysis yields glucose molecules. The cyclic structure of the starch molecules together with strong hydrogen bonding gives starch a rigid structure and leads to highly ordered crystalline regions. To reduce its brittleness and to improve its mechanical and physical properties, starch is often chemically modified and blended with other biopolymers.

The BP1002 Starch-based resin produced by our company is suitable for general garbage bags, supermarket shopping bags, poop bags, etc. Other applications include disposable bags and trash liners as well as compostable films for agriculture.

Bio-Based | Polylactic Acid (BP1003)
Price: $3600/1000kg

PLA is one of the most important biodegradable and biobased thermoplastics. Most commercial high-purity grades are semicrystalline, have high transmittance (> 90 %), and high yield and tensile strength. Many commercial grades are specifically designed for thermoforming, and extrusion/injection molding. Typical applications of PLA are disposable tableware articles like drinking cups, cutlery, trays, food plates, and food containers. Some other (potential) applications include soil retention sheeting and other agriculture films, waste and shopping bags, and the use as packaging material in general.

BP1003 biodegradable resin for film blowing material has a good biodegradable function. It can be widely used in packaging, disposable appliance, agricultural film, medical supplies, and other fields. PLA can also be spun into fibers which could be used for the manufacture of woven and non-woven biodegradable one-use fabric articles such as disposable garments, feminine hygiene products, and diapers.

Biodegradable Color Masterbatch

Bio-Based |  Polybutylene Succinate (BP1006)
Price: $7500/1000kg

PBS is a biodegradable, semi-crystalline thermoplastic synthesized from succinic acid and 1-4-butanediol. Both building blocks can be produced from renewable feedstock such as glucose and sucrose via fermentation. PBS is a very promising biopolymer because its mechanical properties are comparable with those of widely used high-density polyethylene and isotactic polypropylene.

PBS is a cost-effective alternative to other biopolymers such as PLA and  PBAT. Possible applications include packaging, disposable straws, meal box, forks, spoons. It can be used as a matrix polymer or in combination with other biopolymers such as polylactic acid (PLA).

First of all, we can ensure that the source of the bioplastics our use is good. Our Biobased materials are 100% biodegradable and compostable, are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic. Our biodegradable plastic raw material resin has obtained the "compostable" and "DIN" marks, and the products comply with EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards. Annual output: 20,000 tons.

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