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The City of Bengbu Bans The Use of Non-Biodegradable Plastic

Feb 25 , 2021

We have been using plastic since 1950. In just 70 years, 9 billion metric tons have been produced (and output continues to grow), of which more than 6 billion metric tons are with us as solid waste.

In an effort to be more green and a leader in this environmental initiative that has been implemented in many cities across the nation, Bengbu Anhui has decided to ban the use of plastic bags. Support the scientific research, production, promotion, and application of recyclable, easily recyclable, and biodegradable bags. Bengbu City is the first city in Anhui Province to enact a plastic ban.

The "Regulations" were reviewed and approved at the 49th executive meeting of the 16th People's Government of Bengbu City on December 7, 2020.

The disposable non-degradable plastic products referred to in the "Regulations" refer to disposable plastic products containing non-biodegradable polymer materials, including ultra-thin plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm, polyethylene agricultural film with a thickness of less than 0.01 mm, Disposable foamed plastic tableware, disposable plastic cotton swabs, daily chemical products containing plastic microbeads, non-degradable plastic bags, disposable plastic tableware, disposable plastic products in hotels, express plastic packaging, and other needs determined based on actual prohibition, Restricted disposable non-degradable plastic products.

So what does this mean for the local residents and travelers? It’s simple really – distribution of single-use carry-out bags will cease. No more plastic grocery bags, food-to-go will not come in the traditional plastic bag, and retail shops will eliminate plastic shopping totes of any kind. For more information click here.

Lucky for you, there are many perks to this initiative! Number one being less stress on the environment ensuring that you and future generations will be able to enjoy the green earth.

In the meantime we suggest stocking up on your biodegradable bags for any shopping trips – Anhui Sealong Bio-based Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to China's environmental protection cause, we love the Sealong Bags. Affordable and a major player in this initiative to eliminate the use of plastic bags.

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