Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Products
  • Jan 19 , 2021 ​​Are Biodegradable Plastic Straws Better than Paper Straws
    Why Are Plastic Straws Being Banned? Plastic straws are being banned across multiple cities because they do not break down in a landfill and are a threat to the environment, wildlife, and human health. Although recyclable, plastic straws are not typically accepted by curbside recycling programs. Even when accepted, most plastic straws will not make it to recycling centers because people discard th...
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  • Dec 23 , 2020 ​​2020 The 2nd China Bio-based Materials Industry Expo in Bengbu
    The 2nd China Bio-based Materials Industry Development Conference was held in Bengbu, Anhui from December 21 to 22 and ended successfully. With the theme of "deepening cooperation and promoting development, and building an ecological industrial chain", the conference held the China Bengbu Bio-based Materials Industry Expo and a series of research forums during the conference. In order to vigorousl...
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  • Dec 07 , 2020 The Truth About Bioplastics - What are Biodegradable Plastics?
    Biodegradable Plastic Biodegradable plastics are commonly produced with renewable raw materials, micro-organisms, petrochemicals, or combinations of all three. Biodegradable plastics are plastics that can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into the water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. While the words "bioplastic" and "biodegradable plastic" are similar, they are not ...
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  • Dec 04 , 2014 Anhui Sealong Biobased Has Developed Several Different Biodegradable Starch Composite
    Sealong Biobased Working on the Development of Biodegradable About Us Anhui Sealong Biobased Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is wholly owned by Anhui Sealong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(Stock Code: 830821). Our company is located in Mohekou Industrial Park, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, the registered capital is of 20 million RMB and was established in November 2014, the company is focused on the develo...
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  • Nov 07 , 2020 Biodegradable vs Compostable Plastic Bags
    Now, the health of the environment is more important than ever, and plastic substitutes are appearing everywhere. In short, we will better use it as little as possible. Many people have turned to biodegradable and compostable garbage bags, including some city and state regulations on organic waste. However, along with all this hype, there will naturally be a lot of misleading information and marke...
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